Monday, December 8, 2008

Santa was not a hit!

Sunday after church me, Noah, my mom, dad and Grandma all took Izabel to Lynnhaven Mall to see Santa. We seem to always go to Lynnhaven and I guess it is fitting since that is where Noah proposed and where Izabel saw Santa for the first time. This time was going to be a little more difficult. Part of it was my fault as the timing wasn't that great. Izabel napped on the way to the mall but didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked. The rest was just that sitting her on a strange man's lap is a little scary and she wasn't quite ready for it! We talked about it the whole time we were waiting but then when I put her on his lap she started screaming right away. I finally sat down on Santa's lap with her and we managed to get a couple pictures but since Noah wouldn't sit down with us it didn't really do any good. We might try again on a week night before Christmas but we'll see.

I don't think so!
It's better with MommyAnd everything is better when she can run around!After Santa my mom took Izabel on the carousel. They have an indoor double decker carousel that is really beautiful. She did well at first and then she wanted to get off before it was over so my mom kept talking to singing to her and she ended up kind of enjoying the ride. Then we all went home and took a nap!

It's fine when we're sitting still
And we're done!
Okay, maybe it's not so bad!