Wednesday, April 15, 2009

18 months, Easter and Maternity Pics...Finally!!!

As you may recall we had Easter, 18 month and maternity pictures taken a few weeks ago. I promised to post them as soon as I got them and I didn't break that promise it just took me forever to get them! I had to finally call and I just got them online today. Sometimes technology doesn't always do what we want it to! Anyway here are the pictures. Like I said in a previous post, there weren't very many good ones and now Easter is over and I'm not pregnant anymore but I thought I'd share some of them anyway. Enjoy and if you'd like to see all of the pictures or order any for yourself click here and enter Whitney Ketchledge in the customer name space!

P.S. Several of you have been asking when I am going to change the header to say a family of four. As soon as I have a new family pic of the four of us to put up and good one of Tanner I will have the whole header redone! Hopefully that will be accomplished with his one month pics!


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