Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Week with Tanner

Yesterday Tanner was one week old and we have now been home for 5 days. We are settling in pretty nicely. I m working on moving around a little easier and breastfeeding. I forgot that it is a bit of a challenge in the beginning but I know it gets easier and I'll make it through. Noah has been amazing helping with everything and pretty much doing anything I ask. Izabel has also done much better than we expected and is still sleeping through the night. She loves to kiss Tanner and wants to hold him all the time.

On Monday we took Tanner to the doctor for the first time. He weighs 8 lbs 8 oz now and is a little jaundice but they were pretty confident it would clear up on its own. After the doctor we stopped by Babies R Us to pick up a few things and then headed home. That was enough of an outing for me and Tanner!
Tuesday Rebecca came to visit with RJ and Rylee. RJ and Izabel played great while Rebecca and I talked and Noah got to get a hair cut and have a few minutes to himself. When he got home he fed the kids lunch and then took them for a walk in the wagon. They had a great time and we all had a really nice visit. That afternoon Angie came by to visit and then later my mom and dad came by so we had a nice day catching up with everyone.

Wednesday Noah and Tanner took me to the doctor while Izabel stayed with my mom. After we got home Izzy and my mom headed out to run some errands so we could try and get some sleep!

Today Noah's mom came to visit so Noah and Izabel went to pick her up at the airport. Izabel took her little suitcase and pulled it around the airport. Izabel was excited to see her and have someone to give her a little extra attention which was one of the big reasons we were excited for her to come! Ann and Theresa came over to visit and have dinner and we all hung out. We're still doing well at night and Noah is getting more sleep now that I can get up a little easier. So far everything is going pretty well!


The Hrudowsky Family said...

SO cute!!! He is so little in the crib! I forgot that they are that small! I want to try to come by next week if that is OK. LEt me know when is a good time for you guys!