Tuesday, April 7, 2009

18 Months!

I wanted to make sure I got to make one last post about just Izabel before things are no longer just about her anymore! I didn't get a picture of her today but I'll have some pictures of her tomorrow that I'll get posted once we get home! Tomorrow Izabel will be 18 months old. A year and half! It makes her sound so big and she thinks she is! She is still very little, just barely over 20 lbs I think. We don't have her appointment until the 27th but according to our scale here she hasn't gained too much. She runs constantly and doesn't eat much so I can't imagine she will have gained much weight but I know she's healthy so I'm not worried. Her signing is amazing and she makes up new signs for things all the time but she still doesn't say too many words that we can understand. Don't think that means she is quiet though because she is far from it! She babbles constantly and she starts every day by waving to my stomach and saying "Hi TayTay!" She loves her dolls and her horse which she jumps on all the time. She also loves to dance and spin around in circles. Maybe she'll be a dancer! Fruit is her favorite thing to eat and that's about it. We try to give her different choices and sneak in vegetables whenever we can but she is very picky! She loves to play outside or just be outside and hopefully the weather will get nice and stay nice for a while so she can have more outside time! She's such a joy and I worry about what her life will be like now with a little brother to share our attention with but I know she'll adapt and she'll be a great big sister! Happy 18 months my love! You'll always be our baby girl!!!