Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Granddaddy and Weekend Info

Well I was terrible this weekend and didn't take the camera out one time but we had a nice last weekend as a family of three! Friday night we hung out at home (even Noah) and played and relaxed. On Saturday Noah got up with Izabel so I could sleep in but I got up pretty soon after because I was starving. After breakfast I continued going through Tanner's clothes. I got pretty much all of them washed and folded over the course of the weekend. Of course they are a wide variety of sizes and seasons so there are still things we need but we have a lot to start out with! After Izabel's nap we went to Target and Babies R Us for a few last minute things. Then we came home and made dinner and relaxed again. Sunday morning we went to church and Izabel had a blast playing in her new big girl classroom. She played with the play kitchen the whole time which is something we have been talking about getting her so we're glad to know she likes it. We came home and had lunch and then Izabel went down for a nap and Noah went outside to do lawn work. I sat on the porch to supervise until everyone came over for cake and ice cream to celebrate Granddaddy's birthday. We had a nice time and everyone always enjoys watching Izabel show off. After that Noah did some more lawn work and Aunt Ann and Theresa came over. We had chinese for dinner and then got ready for bed. Noah has a short work week in his new position at his job (long story but NOT a good thing) and I have a lot of things I still want to get done before Wednesday! Hope everyone has a great week!!!


Ashford Family said...

Enjoy your last day as a family of three! How exciting that your family will become a family of FOUR tomorrow! Yay!! Praying for all of the details tomorrow!