Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally Finished!

I am sitting here the night before Tanner is going to be born and I think I have finally gotten everything ready. I finished the nursery today which mainly included washing and putting away a ton of clothes. We have clothes from newborn up to 12 months and a lot of them won't work for us because of Tanner being born a different time of year than RJ was but at least we have lots and lots of clothes already! I also did all of Izabel's laundry and our laundry so things could be clean when we get home. Then I pulled out the infant car seat, swing and bouncy seat and got them all together. Izabel though they were toys and kept putting her doll in them which was really funny. We made it to the grocery store last night so there is actually some food here now and everything is pretty much cleaned up. I would have liked to get some more actual cleaning done but at least we have everything set up for Tanner and I have our stuff packed for the hospital. Now if I can just manage to get some sleep tonight!!!

Changing table
Glider with Tanner's first bear and blanket
Dresser with Tanner's first outfit
Crib finally made up
Close up of the crib pattern
Close up of the mobile
Side one of the closet
Side two of the closet
Shoes and hats (and I didn't even come close to keeping all of them!)
Bathtub that my wonderful department at work gave us
"I'm the little brother" bear from Brian and Elizabeth!


florest family said...

Looks like you are all ready! Congrats & good luck! :)