Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Memorial Day Pics

Mimi sent us her pictures from camping over Memorial Day weekend so I thought I would pull a couple to put on here. Thanks Mimi!

Izabel helping to set up camp!
Playing at the park
and they're both asleep!
Playing with Daddy during a timeout from volleyball
Sunbathing with Auntie
Izzy and Mommy
Tanner and Gigi


Maegan m said...

those pics are the cutest thing that i have ever seen in my life that was memorial weekend? Izabell is the cutest little baby that i have ever seen!!!!!!! you should my friend Emilys baby sister her name is Mara. if you havent noticed i LOVE babies sooooooooo much i mean they are just the cutest bundles of joy that you could have in your life!! well i have to go

P.S. mom and aunt joanie finally started off down the river at 3:05 pm and they look rediculess in there wet suit i mean talk about hularious. will bye bye bye bye