Friday, June 5, 2009

The Work Week

This was my first week back to work and as much as I love both of my children I was excited to get back! I enjoy having a routine and schedule and I also needed some time out of the house with other adults and tasks that didn't involve feeding or diapers!
In order to get to work on time I have to get up at 5:15am to get ready and then feed Tanner. With him going to bed around 10:30pm and getting up around 3:00am and then 6:00am, making myself get up so early and actually get in the shower is difficult but I managed to do it everyday this week. I'm out the door by 6:30am and on the road with a large cup of coffee beside me! School starts at 7:50am and all of my students were very excited to see me return. I got lots of welcome backs and it was really nice to see everyone. We're reviewing for exams and finishing everything up for the year so I have been able to chat with my students and find out how everything went while I was gone.
Each day it has been harder and harder to get up. Noah hasn't been home before 10:30pm any evening this week so I feel like I still have a whole days work to do once I get home, but we're working on our routine and we've done pretty well. Izabel gets a little cranky in the evenings which is difficult when I'm by myself and I'm trying to feed Tanner and give them both a bath but I am blessed with two very good children and they've helped me make it through this week successfully. I am happy to see the weekend and I am praying for a little bit of extra sleep but who knows what will end up happening! Next week is exams and graduation and then I am off work for 6 weeks. By the time I get back in August I should have a really good routine down and Tanner should be sleeping longer at night, so things will be much easier! I hope everyone had a great work week and has a restful weekend!


Maegan m said...

hey i havent talked to you about my class trip down to cape Cod. it was awesome cause on our whale watch we saw so many whales it wasntfunny we saw humo back whales and dolphins it was the best thing in the world.