Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Weekend and Back to Work

We had a pretty nice weekend and I actually got a little bit of extra sleep since it was my last weekend before going back to work! On Friday Izabel went to have a sleep over at Grandma's house so it was nice and calm and quiet in the afternoon and evening. Noah came home late and then went and got us Subway for dinner. We just watched tv and then went to bed. After I fed Tanner Saturday morning Noah took him so I could go back to sleep and get a few more hours than normal. Then I got up and got ready to go see Wicked with my mom. We loved it and thought it was great! We had a really nice time. While we were gone Noah, Gram and Ann worked on opening the pool. It's still a little cloudy but it's come a long way so we'll be swimming soon. I know Izabel is excited! Sunday Humaira came to hang out with us for the day. We went to Landstown Commons for lunch and a little shopping at Carters. After that we just hung around the house and I started getting everything ready for the work week! I got up bright and early to head back for my first day and everything has gone really well. All of the kids were excited to see me and I don't have as much to do here before exams as I thought! It'll be a nice two weeks finishing up stuff here before I am home for the summer! Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend!


maegan mitchell hi hi hi hi hi said...

i love the songs that you piked out for your blog they are perfecked toodles