Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Afternoon Date

I had a pretty rough day at work yesterday. I've been having a problem with a parent for quite some time now and just when I thought it was over my principal said she was back again. It was really enough to push me over the edge plus I still had to drive out to the doctors to pick up my paperwork for maternity leave and get that back to my HR dept. Well I was talking to Noah when he was about to be done with work and he offered to go get the paperwork for me and then suggested we try to go see a movie when I got home. It turned out that he couldn't go pick up the paperwork, but just the fact that he offered made me feel really good. I got home and we picked a movie and headed out. We stopped and had mexican for dinner which is always fine with me and then we went over to Lynnhaven to see Taken. It's been out for a while and the movie was at 5:00pm on a Monday so we were the only ones in the theater. It's pretty fun to be able to watch a movie on the big screen but still pretend like you are at home. I could move around as much as I wanted to (it's hard to sit still through a whole movie when you are 36 weeks pregnant) and we could make comments and everything! Then we got home with enough time to play with Izabel for a little while before she went to bed. It was a really great afternoon! Now it's back to work to deal with this mess but there are only 9 work days left!

P.S. The movie was great so you should go see it or rent it when it comes out!