Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Building a Toddler

Today we had our 35/36 week visit and our ultrasound to see just how big this little boy is. The ultrasound tech checked him all out and said he looked great. After she was done she said "well, he's a big one." We said how big and she said he's measuring 8.1! That's 8 lbs right now not when he is delivered! So we're looking at a 9 lb baby and even if I didn't already have a c-section scheduled they probably wouldn't let me go more than 2 more weeks. After the ultrasound we saw the doctor. She said I was building a toddler! Everything looks good and I haven't made any progress yet so the c-section is still on for April 8th. We have one more appointment next week just to check everything one last time before delivery and then it is time for Tanner to come! Now I just have to carry this big boy around for two more weeks! At least there are only 8 days left of work!!!