Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Double Stroller Debate!

When we found out we were pregnant again and that our kids would be 18 months apart I automatically assumed we would get a double stroller. We would comment on them when we were out and we looked at them at Babies R Us. I even called Graco (who made the infant carrier we have) to see what double strollers they have that will accommodate our infant carrier. We picked one out at BRU that was easy to fold up and not to heavy.

It looks something like this one. Having the SUV makes it pretty easy to get the strollers in and out because I just have to lift the front two wheels and then push it in the back.

Well as we have gotten closer people have started to question whether we really want the double stroller and if we will really use it. They say it is heavy and bulky and I probably won't leave the house too often with both kids by myself. This has brought me to question my decision as well. Do we really need the double stroller?

I have every intention of leaving the house plenty with both kids by myself. By no means will I be stuck in the house all maternity leave and all summer with both of them. I realize this will not be easy and a lot of times I'll be able to bring my mom or someone along, but a lot of times I'll be by myself. My friend Rebecca and I have big plans to take all of our kids (there will be four between us when I have Tanner) out this summer. We like to do things together in the mornings, whether it is a simple trip to the play place at the mall or to the zoo. We've already been talking about all of the places we want to go to this summer and they all require plenty of walking which in turn requires strollers.

But do I necessarily have to have a double stroller to do these things? Rebecca uses an ErgoBaby Carrier. I hate the carrier we have. We didn't get the good one we registered for so we bought a cheaper version and it sucks. I used it one time and I was miserable so Noah ended up carrying Izabel around and we never pulled it out again, but Rebecca swears by hers so one day I tried it out and I remember it being very comfortable. She would even nurse while carrying RJ in it.

Here is a not so great picture of one. It can be used as a front or a back carrier and more information can be found at

Maybe with this carrier (which is expensive but still about $150 less than the double stroller) I could carry Tanner and push Izabel. Then I could just register for a less expensive umbrella stroller for when Noah and I are together with both of them or we could take turns carrying Tanner. This sounded like a good option to me until I considered that the whole reason we got the travel system for Izabel was so the carrier could go from car seat to stroller without having to take her out. This was so convenient so many times. Do I want to give that up with Tanner?

Now I am really confused! Are there any other options anyone can think of? Does anyone have a double stroller that they love? Any advice out there for me???


Kristen said...

Hey Whitney! I can definitely see why this is a debate! Since I only have one, I can't give any input from personal experience, but I do know that my friends RAVE about the Ergo carrier. They love it! And a lot of my friends that had a different carrier are now getting the Ergo. So I do know the Ergo comes highly recommended to me. I also have friends that have double strollers (ones like yours and the double wide)and they like those too.

I don't have an Ergo so I don't know everything about it or it's weight limit, but our carrier's weight limit is 26 pounds. Do you think you'll be needing something for Izabel and Tanner after Tanner is past 26 pounds? So the good thing about the double stroller is that Tanner could probably be in there longer I'm assuming.

Maybe Tanner will be so go with the flow that he'll just be happy with just about anything, anyway! Let me know what you end up choosing. This is something I've often wondered too!

Mom of 7 said...

I have 7 kids and my two youngest are only 11 months apart. I LOVE double strollers. They aren't as heavy as you think and they fold almost as small as single ones. They also have a lot of room to carry diaper bags and other baby necessities.

I actually went through three double strollers! However, in addition to my 7 kids, I also fostered over 40 more. Still, I couldn't have begun to function without a double stroller with two babies.

Good luck with your decision!


Yazmin said...

I admire your thoughts. I love Graco Duoglider LX double stroller and is available at babies-r-us.