Friday, March 27, 2009

Grandma's Birthday!

Wednesday was my mom's birthday so we had everyone over for cake and ice cream. Since it was a Wednesday my mom didn't have to babysit so she came over that evening. My Dad, brother Matt, sister Amy and her husband Ray as well as my Aunt Judy and Phyllis were all there to celebrate. We had cake and opened presents and then hung out to chat. Izabel put on quite a show for everyone! She was running around showing everyone all of her tricks and dancing in the middle of the room. Everyone thought it was really funny. Finally we had to kick everyone out because it was past Izabel's bedtime which means it was past mine as well!

The card Izabel made for Grandma

Saying Happy Birthday!

Eating cake in her new booster seat...she got this seat in the mail earlier in the day from our friend Ryan. She was so excited to get it and she wouldn't leave Noah alone until he got it out and put it together and then she sat in it in the living room until it was time for dinner! Ryan also sent Tanner some onesies and we were excited to get both things. Thanks Ryan!

Reading birthday cards and waiting for Grandma to need help opening the presents with tissue paper!

Making her sad face for Granddaddy

Her new sad face!

Thursday we had Easter and maternity pictures taken so look for those to be posted soon but don't be too excited because we only got a couple good ones! I was really hoping for a good one of Izabel because I am in love with her Easter dress but I guess we'll have to try and get some of our own when she wears it to church on Easter!

Now it is finally Friday and it's my birthday weekend! Hopefully I'll manage to get some rest since that is the only thing I really want but I did get the first year frame from Pottery Barn to put all of Izabel's monthly pictures in!

Only 12 more days until Tanner is born and 5 more days of work!!!


Ashford Family said...

First off...Izabel's hair has gotten so long! She is looking so grown up!

Secondly...I don't know proper blog etiquette. Do I respond to your comment on your blog or mine? I never know! But anyway :), my aunt got us that rug and it's from Pottery Barn Kids I believe. They have a great rug selection!

Thirdly, I'll be praying for your family and Tanner's upcoming arrival. Prayers for a healthy and safe delivery, a healthy boy, and a swift recovery for you!