Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

We're not really beach people but we still love the water and the sun so Friday we headed down to Ocean Breeze with Aunt Deb, Maverick, Gage and Maegan. Noah actually had the day off so he got to come with us too! I figured we would stay until about nap time and then head home but I would just let her play until she completely melted down. Well she did so well! She only had a few bad moments but for the most part she was having too much fun to stop, cry or sleep and we ended up staying until 4:00! We did all the kiddie rides and even took her in the wave pool and on one of the bigger (but still little) slides on the other side of the park. Aunt Deb watched Izzy for a little while so Noah and I could ride a few big rides which was fun too. Aunt Theresa came down and hung out for a little bit. I think everyone had a really great time and we can't wait to go back again! I think we'll be getting season passes next summer when Tanner can come too!

Coming down the slide with Daddy
This chair was just her size
This is so much fun Mom!Coming down the slide with Mommy!At the top of the big slide with Daddy, Auntie and MaeganFirst she came down with Daddy...then again with Auntie...and a third time with Mommy!Maegan challenging a boy on the log roll...I think they both fell off!
Gage challenging and winning over and over on the log roll!