Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Noah had to work for Father's Day so we spent our afternoon at my Dad's house. We cooked out and watched Toy Story which Izabel thought was so funny! My brothers and sister and I all went in on a new printer for Dad. Izabel helped him open his cards and present and Tanner just watched everyone. We had a really nice afternoon. I brought the kids home so Izzy could get a nap and I could make dinner before Noah came home. We had some yummy shepards pie for dinner and Izabel gave Noah his presents. He got a new water bottle for work, headphones for his ipod and two card games. Izabel also drew him a picture at Sunday school. After that it was baths and bed! Not too exciting of a day here but it was a nice day and we had a great weekend overall!

Granddaddy and Tanner
Izzy helping Granddaddy open his cardsGrandma and Tanner watching Granddaddy open his present
Such a happy boy!Daddy's Father's Day Presents
Izabel giving Daddy his presents
Kisses for Daddy!
We love Daddy!
Still a happy boy!


Kristen said...

sweet pictures! Izabel and Tanner are just adorable!

We also used the same wrapping paper for our Father's Day gift. haha! :)