Monday, June 22, 2009


Today we met Rebecca, RJ, Rylee and Rebecca's Mom at The Botanical Gardens to go to the World of Wonders. It's a children's park within the park and it has a big water park area with fountains for the kids to play in. They have other things for the kids but we didn't get any further than the fountains today. Izabel had a blast playing in the water and of course she didn't want to leave. Her hat wouldn't stay on so I will be looking for a new one with a strap (which she will hate) and she had to borrow crocs from RJ since I still haven't found any her size! These are two things we'll have to find and soon if we are going to be visiting all of these water attractions all summer! We plan to go back to WOW lots and we're hoping to visit Ocean Breeze a few times if Aunt Theresa can get us some tickets! If you know of any other fun and cheap outdoor play places let us know and take the time to visit WOW if you can!

Izabel and RJ checking everything out!
How does the water feel?
Trying to figure out where it is coming from
This is so much fun!
A bigger picture of the play area
Tanner just watching the big kids play! He liked sitting up like a big boy!