Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Little Monkey!

Today we went with Rebecca and a play group to The Jumpin Monkey at Lynnhaven. They have a bunch of inflatables, a toddler zone, a dress up room, a boys play room and a girls play room. Izabel had a blast running all around playing with the toys. She wasn't always the best at sharing but that's why it is important to me to get her out on these play dates so she can learn these social skills. She was mostly just interested in playing with the toddler toys but she did jump and slide quite a bit. The girls play room had dolls, kitchens, a rocking chair, and a table and chairs which she thought was great. She had a blast going down one of the big inflatable slides but she couldn't climb up by herself so I got a workout pushing her up over and over! Tanner and Rylee sat with Rebecca's mom for most of the time we were there. Izabel could have played a lot longer but after a little over an hour I was exhausted and it was time to go. We will definitely be back though!

They had one inflatable that was just for kids 2 and under
so I didn't have to worry about big kids jumping on Izzy!
She loved the rocking horse
One of the smaller inflatable slides that she could do on her own
RJ after coming down the smaller slideDriving around in the coupe car...this was the one thing she did not want to share!
Rebecca's mom taking care of Tanner and Rylee while we chased RJ and Izzy around! Thank you so much for your help!


Maeagn said...

Whitney you need to change your tittle from KETCHLEDGE FAMILY

Ashford Family said...

Oh that place looks so fun! I've never heard of it! Maybe we can meet up there sometime when we're in VB!