Friday, June 26, 2009

Visions of the Future!

Izabel loves to "talk" on the phone. She'll walk around with the phone to ear just jabbering away and if you are on the phone she runs over to talk but then won't say anything. We've given her several toy phones but she only wants to play with the real ones that actually work! Now it looks like she has learned how to text and would rather do that than talk. Sorry if you've received any strange messages! It looks like we'll be in for it when she's old enough for a cell phone!


HUMAIRA said...

Izzy's hair is so cute like this..and getting so long...awww i miss my baby girl

florest family said...

Ava does the same thing---she is obsessed with the phone and has to talk to everyone we talk to. It's funny how they know the difference between a real and fake phone. Looks like we'll be in trouble for the teen years! :)